Richard III's defeat

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A-level History - Medieval (Wars of the roses) Mind Map on Richard III's defeat, created by jakecampling on 04/29/2014.

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Created by jakecampling over 5 years ago
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Richard III's defeat
1 Emergence of Henry Tudor
1.1 The only credible alternative
1.2 Exiled to France in 1471
2 Buckingham's rebellion
2.1 The way Richard took the throne was always make enemies
2.2 Early in Richard's reign
2.2.1 Where / when he was weakest
2.3 In the south
2.4 Henry Tudor would marry Edward IV's daughter
2.4.1 Streanthen Henry's claim to the throne
2.4.2 Unite the Lancs and Yorkists
2.5 It failed
2.5.1 Henry Tudor never got England It did establish Henry as the main rival
3 Nobles
3.1 Stanly and Percy families where fighting
3.1.1 They wouldn't support Richard
3.2 Southerners had rebeled then fled
3.2.1 Richard replaced them with northerners Resentment Divisions
3.3 Richard wasn't in control
3.4 Why did he have so few supporters?
3.4.1 princes in the tower
3.4.2 Rumors he wanted to marry his niece
3.4.3 No heir His only son died
3.4.4 Accused of poisoning his wife
4 1485 - Bosworth
4.1 The direct cause of Richard's defeat
4.1.1 He died
4.2 If there was no Bosworth Richard would have been king for longer
4.3 Richard needed a complete victory to provide stability
4.4 He took Stanley's son hostage
4.4.1 Stanley didn't fight for him
4.5 Richard should have won
5 French support of Henry Tudor
5.1 Brittiany needed English help to stay independant
5.1.1 They where going to hand over Henry Tudor Henry had to flee to France
5.2 France gave him
5.2.1 Ships This is how you get power at the time
5.2.2 Soldiers
5.2.3 Money
5.2.4 credibility Needed if he wants the support of the nobility
6 Richard's personality
6.1 It was the reason he died at Bosworth
6.2 He could inspire loyalty
6.3 Manipulative
7 The princes in the Tower
7.1 2 years before his defeat
7.2 If Richard won at Bosworth he would still be king
7.2.1 No other factors made his defeat certian
7.3 made people doubt him
7.4 Gave strenth to the campian against him

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