Great Expectations

Jodee Phillips
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A-Level English Literature Mind Map on Great Expectations, created by Jodee Phillips on 04/30/2014.

Jodee Phillips
Created by Jodee Phillips over 5 years ago
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Great Expectations
1 Key themes
1.1 Social Class/Hierarchy
1.1.1 Estella makes Pip aware of his working class background - this starts the changes in Pip
1.2 Ambition/Hopes
1.2.1 Pip hopes to make the transition from working class to upper class
1.3 Wealth
1.3.1 Pip has a desire for wealth - results in him getting Herbert into debt Pip does not care - selfish
1.4 Conflict
1.4.1 Inner turmoil The difference between doing what he wants and what is right Steals from his sister to help the convict
1.5 Innocence/Corruption
1.5.1 Pip is innocent at the beginning - wants to be like Joe - a blacksmith - he is unaware of life outside of the marshes When he leaves he is easily influenced by his surroundings - he becomes corrupted - shows his naivety
2 Other readers
2.1 Marxist
2.1.1 Proletariot = Pip
2.1.2 Bourgeois = Estella
2.1.3 Estella looks down on Pip because he is a 'common laboring boy' - Makes Pip aware of the class structure
2.1.4 One of the reasons for Pip's corruption - he tries to make the transition between classes and fails
2.2 Freudian
2.2.1 Orlick - ID He is the dark side of Pip - expresses Pip's repressed feelings Mrs Joe treats them badly - Only Orlick physically fights back
2.2.2 Herbert - EGO
2.2.3 Repression Magwitch as Pip's benefactor The truth was hidden - when it is brought to the surface, Pip becomes aware of his situation for the first time Estella Mrs Havisham raised her to get revenge on males Estella has been groomed to feel no love
3 Structure
3.1 3 parts of the novel represent Pip's stages in his life
3.1.1 Part 1 - Innocent Pip
3.1.2 Part 2 - Corrupted Pip
3.1.3 Part 3 - Pip's redemption
4 Narrative voice
4.1 Retrospective first person narrative - Pip
4.1.1 Makes him unreliable? - He may not be able to remember everything accurately
4.1.2 The reader knows Pip will be okay in the end - he survives all the hardships he faces
4.2 At the beginning he is a child - may have over exaggerated what he say
4.2.1 His vivid description of the convict
4.3 He is fairly honest - acknowledges his faults
5 Key Symbols
5.1 Pathetic fallacy
5.1.1 Dickens uses a lot of pathetic fallacy to foreshadow bad things to come Chapter 39 - stormy night - return of the convict
5.1.2 Foggy mist - symbolises Pip losing his former innocent self
5.2 Satis House
5.2.1 Pip's realisation of where he is in the world - working class
5.2.2 Symbolises bitter dreams and disappointment Miss Havisham gets left on her wedding day Pip hopes to marry Estella one day
5.3 Setting
5.3.1 Marshes - forshadows Pip's corrupted self Page 5-6 'this bleak place overgrown with nettles' 'dark flat wilderness beyond the churchyard' 'distant savage lair'
5.3.2 London Negative description Foreshadowing Pip's corrupted self
5.3.3 Barnard's Inn
5.3.4 Satis House
5.4 Estella
5.4.1 Is symbolic of the bourgeoisie
5.5 Joe Gargery
5.5.1 Is the ultimate symbol

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