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Created by abuubaidahshahrir over 5 years ago
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1 Definition of disease


1.1 occur when
1.1.1 enough cell become functional
1.1.2 enough cell dies and loss function
1.2 due to
1.2.1 autoimmue
1.2.2 viruses
1.2.3 chemicals
1.2.4 environment,pollution
1.2.5 drugs
2 4 Basic Terms
2.1 Therapeutics
2.1.1 use of drugs diagnose prevent and illness
2.2 Pharmacology
2.2.1 study of drugs and interaction with living system
2.3 Clinical Pharmacology
2.3.1 study of drugs in human
2.4 Drugs
2.4.1 any chemical that effect living processes
2.4.2 properties of ideal drugs effectiveness most important properties safety pharmakon = poison in Greek safe at high conc. & for long periods administration selectivity elicits only the response selective for specific reaction with no side effects ( there is no such thing ) example anti histamines = drowsiness oral contaceptives = morning sickness,cramps,depresion morphine = constipation & respiratory depression antixirals
2.4.3 additional properties od ideal drugs reversible action general anesthetic contraceptives predictability ease of administration low doses & easy to administer increase compliance decrease errors diabetic patient : multiple daily injection of insulin intravenous infusion freedom from drug interactions not augmented or decrease action of drugs chemical stability no lose of effectivenesss with storage low cost easy to afford ( chronic illness ) lifelong medication hypertension arthritis diabetes simple generic name easy to remember & pronounce viagra ( sildenafil ) panadol ( paracetamol )
3 characteristic
3.1 drugs categorization
3.1.1 action on body
3.1.2 general therapeutic effect
3.1.3 body system affected
3.2 kinds of therapy
3.2.1 acute improve life threatening or serious condition
3.2.2 empiric give until another test prove another therapy is appropriate
3.2.3 palliative reduce severity of a condition or pain
3.2.4 prophylactic prevent a disease or condition
3.2.5 replacment provide chemical missing by the patients
3.2.6 supportive for condition other than primary disease
3.2.7 supplemental avoid deficiency
4 Rational Pharmacotherapy
4.1 best medical treatment under the present circumstances
4.2 best from the viewpoint of the patient and society
4.3 decision on rationality
4.3.1 how large the effects should be ? depends on disease other treatments adverse reaction price
5 Writing Prescription
5.1 any drug not over the counter requires a prescription
5.2 4 basic parts
5.2.1 superscription
5.2.2 inscription
5.2.3 subsription
5.2.4 signature
5.3 patients education about OTC drugs
5.3.1 give attention whether patients is taking prescription or OTC
5.3.2 caution patients not to treat themselves with OTC drugs
5.3.3 inform patients many OTC drugs contain more than one active ingredient
5.3.4 tell the patients that interaction can occur whan a person takes more than one OTC at a time or with prescription drugs

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