Peripheral devices for computers

Juliet Holmes
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Juliet Holmes
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GCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on Peripheral devices for computers, created by Juliet Holmes on 05/10/2013.

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Peripheral devices for computers
1 webcam
1.1 often comes with computer
2 speakers
2.1 often comes with computer
3 microphone
3.1 often comes with computer
4 headphones
4.1 plug and play
5 Keyboard
5.1 driver software
5.1.1 although sometimes plug and play
6 mouse
6.1 Games controllers
6.2 uses usb
6.3 mostly plug and play
7 Need driver software
7.1 can easily get off of internet
8 Printer
8.1 dual purpose scanner printer
8.1.1 scanner
9 disk drive
9.1 often comes with computer
10 professional equipment
10.1 Microscope
10.2 music production equipment
10.3 speech changer
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