social networking

Jordan Lench
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GSCE GCSE ICT Mind Map on social networking, created by Jordan Lench on 05/10/2013.

Jordan Lench
Created by Jordan Lench over 6 years ago
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social networking
1 Disadvantages
1.1 Users may be unaware of the personal setting options and leave their profiles exposed for strangers to access.
1.2 Users may put too much information on their profiles, which is available to people they hardly know.
1.3 Social networking can get quite addictive
1.4 Social networking can be used by predators to get access to children.
1.5 Users may be vulnerable to identify theft
1.6 Social networking can be used to spread nasty rumours about people
2 Advantages
2.1 Users can stay in contact with friends
2.2 Users can be targeted with personalised advertising based on their personal details.
2.3 Users can search for new and old friends
2.4 Users can join groups of people with similar likes and dislikes
2.5 Users can have a personalised space where they can upload pictures videos and blogs
2.6 Users can learn about the viewpoint of people from all around the world

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