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Biology B1.1 - Genes
1 Exercise increases the heart rate
1.1 Muscles are made of muscle cells
1.1.1 These use oxygen to release energy from glucose (Aerobic respiration) Used to contract the muscles
1.2 Increase in exercise requires more glucose and oxygen
1.2.1 To supplied the muscle cells
1.2.2 Extra carbon dioxide needs to be removed Blood flows at a faster rate
1.3 Physical activity:
1.3.1 increase your breathing rate makes you breathe more deeply to meet the demand for extraoxygen
1.3.2 Increases the speed at which the heart pumps
2 Glycogen is used during exercise
2.1 Glucose from food is stores as glycogen
2.2 Glycogen is mainly stored in the liver
2.2.1 But each muscles also has its own store
2.3 During vigorous exercise, glucose it being used rapidly
2.3.1 Some of the store glycogen gets converted back to glucose Produces more energy
3 Anaerobic Respiration
3.1 Used if there note enough oxygen
3.2 If your body can't get enough oxygen during vigorous exercise
3.2.1 Your muscles start doing anaerobic respiration instead of aerobic respiration
3.3 "Anaerobic" means WITHOUT oxygen
3.4 An incomplete breakdown of glucose
3.4.1 Produces lactic acid as waste product
4 Anaerobic Respiration leads to an oxygen debt
4.1 An oxygen debt is when you body "repays" the oxygen that couldn't get to your mucsles in time
4.1.1 Because you lungs, heart and blood couldn't keep up with the demand earlier on