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Facts about DNA. Comment below if this help you :)

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1 DNA stand for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid
1.1 Contains all the instrutions to put organisms together and make it work
1.2 DNA found in the Nucleus of animals and plants
1.3 Inside long molecules called chrosomes
2 A gene codes for a specific protein
2.1 A gene is a section of DNA
2.1.1 Contains the instrutions to make specific proteins
2.2 Cells make proteins by stringing amino acids together in a particular order
2.3 Only 20 amino acids are used
2.4 Genes simply tell cell in what order to put the amino acids together
2.5 DNA also determines what proteins the cell produces
2.5.1 E.g. Haemoglobin, and Keratin
2.6 That in turn determines what type of cell it is
3 Everyone has unique DNA
3.1 Almost everyone's DNA is unique
3.1.1 Apart from identical twins and clones
3.2 DNA fingerprinting (or genetic fingerprinting)
3.2.1 A way of cutting up a person's DNA into small sections and then separating them everyone's fingerprint has a unique pattern Apart from Identical twins and clones You can tell people apart by DNA fingerprinting of their DNA
3.3 DNA Fingerprinting is used in:
3.3.1 Forensic Science DNA from: hair Skin flakes blood ect..
3.3.2 Paternity testing To see if a man is the father of a particular child
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