Graphic software features

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Created by ChristyC over 6 years ago
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Graphic software features
1 Cropping
1.1 Part of the image is cut out or removed to leave you with the part of the graphic required
2 Uses
2.1 communication
2.2 Entertainment
3 Common graphic tools
3.1 Move
3.2 Area selection tool
3.3 Crop tool
3.4 Pain brush and pencil
3.5 Eraser tool
3.6 Line tool
3.7 Colour pickedr
3.8 Eye-dropper toolk
4 Common features
4.1 Layers
4.1.1 Images stacked within layers on top of each other in the same file
4.1.2 Manipulate each layer without affecting the pixels on another layer.
4.2 Resizing
4.2.1 Image can be made either larger or smaller
4.3 Rotating
4.3.1 image can be rotate by an angle either clockwise or anticlockwise
4.4 Stretching
4.4.1 Makes the image taller/shorter or narrower/wider
4.5 Flipping/mirror image
4.5.1 Flips an image either horizontally or vertically to show mirror image

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