Love Through the Ages

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Love Through the Ages
1 Similes
1.1 Nature
1.1.1 Goblin Market Laura "whisper'd like the restless brook" described as "like a rush-imbedded swan, / Like a lily from the beck / Like a moonlit poplar branch" Relating her to nature shows how curiousity is natural. Swan shows her elegance and feminity. Lily shows chastity. All three are stuck and can't move. Suggests Laura has no free will.
1.2 Animals
1.2.1 Goblin Market "One had a cat's face, / One whisk'd a tale"
2 Imagery
2.1 Sexual
2.1.1 Goblin Market "...cautioning lips, / with tingling cheeks and finger tips. / .... pricking up her golden head" "She suck'd until her lips were sore"
2.2 Gustatory
2.2.1 Goblin Market Fruit references throughout
2.2.2 Twelfth Night "If music be the food of love, play on..." [women's] love may be called appetite, / no motion of the liver, but the palate"
2.3 Olfactory
3 Ghosts
3.1 Wuthering Heights
3.2 Jane Eyre
4 Love as suffering
4.1 Twelfth Night
4.1.1 Olivia: "Even so quickly may one catch the plague?"
4.1.2 Violent Imagery Orsino relating love to hunting (first scene where Orsino alludes to the myth of Acteon) Antonio: " desire / more sharp than filed steel" Orsino calling Cupid's arrow "rich golden shaft" allusions to arrow peircing the skin" "If music be the food of love... so that it may sicken and die"
4.2 Jane Eyre
5 Symbolism
5.1 Jewels
5.1.1 Twelfth Night Malvolio: " with my - some rich jewel" symbolises power Olivia gives away pearls and jewellery to show affection
5.1.2 Othello
6 Structure
6.1 Irregular meter or rhyme scheme
6.1.1 Goblin Market Quickens the pace. Shows sense of urgency.
6.2 Varied syntax
6.2.1 Twelfth Night "Where's Antoinio, then?" tacked on the end of a line shows how he is just an afterthought to Sebastion.
6.3 Lists
6.3.1 Asyndetic (no "and" at the end" Goblin Market Listing of the fruits
7 Personification
7.1 Goblin Market
7.1.1 "Moon and stars gaz'd in at them / Wind sang to them lullaby" Nature's children

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