Stem Cells

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Facts about Stem Cells. Comment below if this helps you :)

Evangeline Taylor
Created by Evangeline Taylor over 5 years ago
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Stem Cells
1 Embryonic stem cells can turn into ANY type of cell
1.1 Differentiation is the process by which a cell changes to become specialised for its job
1.2 Most animal cells, the ability to differentiate is lost at a early stage
1.3 Lots of plant cells don't ever lose this ability
2 Some cells are undifferentiated
2.1 They can develop into different types of cells, depending of what instruction they're given
2.1.1 These are called 'Stem Cells'
3 Where are Stem cells found?
3.1 Stem cells are found in early human embryos
3.1.1 Embryonics stem cells Embryonic stem cells could replace faulty cell in sick people
3.2 Adults have stem cells
3.2.1 E.g: Bone marrow
3.2.2 Ain't very versatile as embryonic stem cells They can't turn into any cell type at all (Certain ones)
4 Arguments against stem cells research
4.1 Experiments on potential human life is wrong
4.2 Rights of embryos
5 Research into stem cells
5.1 Medical researches are exciting about the potential to turn into any kind of cells at all
5.2 Stem cell maybe able to cure diseases
5.3 Medicine already use adult stem cells to cure disease
5.3.1 E.G: Some blood disease (E.G: Sickle cells anaemia) Can be treated by bone marrow transplants Bone marrow contains stem cells
5.4 Scientist can extract stem cells from early human embryos and grow them
5.5 Researchers try to control the differentiation of the stem cells by changing the environment they grow in
5.5.1 Needs more research