Unit 2 Rebranding

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Edexcel AS Unit Rebranding

John Ditchburn
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Rebranding Strategies
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Time to Rebrand
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Managing Rural Rebranding
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Managing Urban Rebranding
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Unit 2 Rebranding
1 The need to rebrand
1.1 Cities in decline
1.1.1 Increase costs of upkeep
1.1.2 Loss of retailing from CBDs
1.1.3 Loss of offices from city centres
1.1.4 Factors influencing decline PA p.294 Case study Birmingham
1.2 Coalfield communities
1.2.1 Loss of jobs
1.2.2 Dereliction
1.2.3 Lack of education
1.3 Countryside in crisis
1.3.1 Challenges for the countryside
1.3.2 PA p.297
1.4 Problems a the seaside
1.4.1 Decline in physical and social environments Problems in coastal areas PA p.297 Case studies Blackpool Swanage Boscombe
2 Rebranding Strategies
2.1 Players/Stakeholders
2.1.1 Public sector
2.1.2 Private firms
2.1.3 Sponsors
2.1.4 Voluntary sector
2.2 Approaches (PA p.302-303)
2.2.1 Bottom up
2.2.2 Top down
2.2.3 Partnerships
2.3 Rural rebranding
2.3.1 Building on what's there Location Physical environment Cutural heritage Human capital Physical capital
2.3.2 Range of rural strategies PA p.303 Local activities/farming Integrated projects rural heritage specialist food towns innovative arts/media new technologies rural energy off-farm diversification Local case studies
2.3.3 Role of technology Switching on rural environments Broadband - Cornwall
2.3.4 Farm diversification
2.4 Urban strategies
2.4.1 Sport and culture Case studies London Olympics Manchester Glasgow
2.4.2 City identity Manchester - city of culture Birmingham future city strategy Northampton Northampton Alive Range of rebranding elements
2.4.3 Changing built environment Shopping & commerce Birmingham London Docklands
2.4.4 Sustainability image Curitiba, Leicester
3 Managing rural rebranding
3.1 Success of Rural Tourism
3.1.1 Case studies Cornwall Brampton Valley Way
3.1.2 Rural technology Broadband in Cornwall
3.1.3 Rural/farm diversification Local case studies
4 Managing urban rebranding
4.1 Flagship schemes
4.1.1 Birmingham NEC ICC Bullring Grand Central
4.2 Heritage tourism
4.2.1 Birmingham Brindley place Canal Basin
4.2.2 Nottingham Robin Hood Museum & theme
4.2.3 Northampton Boot & Shoe
4.3 Sport and leisure provision
4.3.1 London Olympics

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