Factors affecting the drainage basin and storm hydrographs

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Mind map of all the factors which affect processes within the drainage basin and affect the shape/nature of storm hydrographs

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Factors affecting the drainage basin and storm hydrographs
1 Deforestion
1.1 Less trees means less of the water is intercepted or absorbed by trees for evapotranspiration
1.2 Deforestation can also lead to less rainfall
2 Agricultural Practises
2.1 Poor practises such as compacted soil from livestock can lead to more/quicker runoff
3 Soil depth, type and condition
3.1 Thin impermeable soil means less infiltration. If the soil is already damp from antecedent rainfall there will be even less infiltration
4 Urbanisation
4.1 More urbanisation means more impermeable surfaces in towns and possibly drains that will move water faster into the river
5 Lithology
5.1 Impermeable rocks means there is less percolation
6 Vegetation type
6.1 Deciduous woodland will suffer more moisture loss than moorland vegetation
7 Season
7.1 In the summer months there is more evapotranspiration, meaning more water will be absorbed by plant life
8 Amount/intensity of rainfall
8.1 More rainfall means more water in the drainage basin
9 Presence of stores (Lakes, swamps)
10 Climate
10.1 A damper climate means more rain, it can also allow more evapotranspiration
11 Drainage Basin Density
11.1 The more streams in the drainage basin, the more water that reaches the river
12 Snow Melt
12.1 Fast snow melt can increase the amount of water reaching the river

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