Causative have/get something done

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Causative have/get something done
1 Uses
1.1 Have something done
1.1.1 Describe a service performed for us by someone else Ex: Sue is cutting her hair Ex: Sue is having her hair cut
1.2 Get something done
1.2.1 Informal spoken English
1.2.2 Suggests more activity or effort
1.2.3 A feeling that something must to be done I must go to the garage and get the car serviced
1.2.4 In orders or imperatives
2 Structure
2.1 Have + Object + Past Participle
2.2 Get + Object + Past Participle
3 Form
3.1 Present Simple
3.1.1 I have / get my hair cut
3.2 Past Simple
3.2.1 I had /got my hair cut
3.3 Present Continous
3.3.1 I´m having / getting my hair cut
3.4 Past Continous
3.4.1 I was having /getting my hair cut
3.5 Present Perfect
3.5.1 I´ve had /got my hair cut
3.6 Past Perfect
3.6.1 I had had/got my hair cut
3.7 Will
3.7.1 I will have /get my hair cut
3.8 Must
3.8.1 Imust have /get my hair cut
3.9 Be going to
3.9.1 I´m going to have /get my hair cut
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