The Sweet Menu

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The Sweet Menu
1 "There is water in the bottle but the flower is plastic "
1.1 " A Lily" connotations of sadness and death which links to the idea of him feeling isolated and alone
1.2 Juxtaposition of Real water and a fake flower making him feel uncomfortable as it is repeated in stanza 10
2 Structure
2.1 2 lines suggesting a conversation between two people but actually is just one man
2.2 14 stanzas and one line at the end put emphasis on the last line " it hasn't come to much" suggesting the sadness he feels from dining alone
2.3 bleak, straightforward structure mirroring his feelings toward the situation
2.4 Speech shown in italics ands only speaks when necessary
3 repetition of "the chair" suggests that he wants company
3.1 description of the chair is detailed as being pulled back, beech, he's facing the chair,
3.1.1 like the chair is being personified to mock him as its constantly facing him reminding him of being alone
4 Juxtaposition
4.1 Light and glass, light inside is fake and the glass is blocking the real light
4.2 Cold and hot, peppery pizza and cold juice
5 Context
5.1 taken from the collection of poems "the women opposite"
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