Humanistic approach (Overview)


An overview of the Humanistic approach
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Humanistic approach (Overview)
  1. Humanistic psychology focuses on the person
    1. People (and their problems) cannot be categorised and modified like machines
      1. Each person is unique
        1. They are their own expert ( and not an expert on anyone else)
        2. Conditions of worth can distort many people's concepts of themselves
          1. Loss of own value
            1. Loss of sense of worth
            2. If people have a distorted view then they are likely to develop:
              1. Psychological issues
                1. Behavioural issues
                2. If a client can recognise their own value and inner worth then they can take control of the problems they are facing.
                  1. And change their behaviour if needed
                  2. Suggests that as individuals we need to grow and develop psychologically
                    1. This is inbuilt (actualising tendency)
                    2. We develop a self-concept based on actualising tendency
                      1. Stresses the idea that each person views life differently
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