Religious Studies - Ethics 1 Medical Ethics

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Religious Studies - Ethics 1 Medical Ethics
1 Abortion
1.1 Is termination of life in the womb
1.2 Legal up to 24 weeks
1.3 RC - No all life if sacred (Pro-life)
1.4 CofE - Avoid of if possible but it is the woman's choice (Pro-Choice)
1.5 'Before I formed you I knew you'
1.6 'You shall not murder'
1.7 'Love thy neighbour'
1.8 RC - Disagree with artificial methods
1.9 Libs. - We have free will
2 Suicide
2.1 Taking your own life
2.2 Conservs. - Disagree with Suicide
2.3 'The lord gave and the lord shall take away'
2.4 Suicide is selffish
2.5 Suicide was unholy
2.6 'Love thy neighbour'
2.7 Conservs. believe in santity of Life
3 Euthanasia
3.1 Active Euthanasia is to take action to actively kill a person e.g. a injection
3.2 Passive Euthanasia is to remove treatment so as not to cure/ prevent the death of a person e.g. turning off life support machine
3.3 Voluntary Euthanasia is someone asks to die
3.4 Involuntary Euthanasia is someone who hasn't asked to die but another person thinks they are acting in best interest
4 Fertility Treatment
4.1 when a infertile couple/ man or woman are medically help to conceive a baby
4.2 IVF - In - vitro fertilization, creating an embryo in a test tube and then placing in a woman's womb
4.3 AIH - Artificial Insemination by husband
4.3.1 Liberal = Agree
4.3.2 Conservatives = Agree
4.4 AID - Artificial Insemination By Donor
4.4.1 Conservatives = Disagree Considered Adulterous
4.4.2 Liberals = Agree
4.5 Surrogacy
4.5.1 Is when a woman carries a baby for a couple/someone else
4.5.2 Conservs. = Disagree Designer Babies
4.5.3 Liberals = Agree
5 Cloning
5.1 To create a replica of a cell or a whole organism with the aim to develop cells or another organism with the same characteristics
5.2 'Playing God' Is Wrong (Conservs.)
5.3 Reproductive Cloning - Where a human or animal could be copied to create a identical humans or animal
5.4 'The Lord gave and the lord shall take away'
5.5 'Before I formed you, I knew you'
5.6 Liberal do not believe that embryos are humans beings yet
5.7 Conservs. - Say embryos are human life and must be protected
6 Animal Testing
6.1 Most Christians believe animal are less important but on the other hand some don't
6.2 Most Christians agree with animals being used for medical research as humans life is more sacred
6.3 Humans have authority over animals
6.4 Stewardship is responsibility of the earth and every thing in it
6.5 Some Christian believe is a necessary evil
6.6 'Rule over the bird, fish and the sea'
6.7 There is no food law

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