X and Y Chromosomes

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Facts about X and Y Chromosomes. Comment below if this helps you:)

Evangeline Taylor
Created by Evangeline Taylor over 5 years ago
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X and Y Chromosomes
1 22 pairs of chromosomes are in every human body cell
1.1 The 23rd pair of chromosomes are labelled XX or XY
1.1.1 These control your Gender
2 All Men have XY chromosomes
2.1 Y-Chromosomes cause male characteristic
3 All women have XX chromosomes
3.1 XX combination allows female chromosomes to develop
4 When sperm are being made, the X-chromosomes and Y-chromosomes drawn apart during first division in Meiosis
4.1 50% chance that each sperm has a X-chromosomes or an Y-chromosomes
5 Genetic diagrams show the possible combinations of gametes