Genetics Diagrams

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Genetics Diagrams
1 Genetic diagrams show the possible genes of offspring
2 Alleles are different versions of the same gene
3 In Genetic diagrams letters are usually used to represent alleles
3.1 If it's Heterozygous, only one can be determine what charcteristic is present
3.1.1 Cc
3.1.2 Dominant allele overrules the recessive
3.2 The Allele for the characteristic that's shown is called the dominant
3.2.1 Use a capital letter for the dominant allele CC
3.3 The other one is called the recessive allele
3.3.1 Use a small letter for the recessive allele cc
4 Homozygous
4.1 When both particular gene are the same
5 Heterozygous
5.1 When both particular gene are different
6 Cross-breeding a crazy hamster
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