Human Computer Interface (HCI)


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Human Computer Interface (HCI)
  1. Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
    1. Examples
      1. Windows
        1. Mac OS X
        2. Graphical user interfaces use a mix of text and colourful graphics such as icons and cursors
          1. Advantages
            1. Farmiliar to use for frequent users
              1. Easy to pick up for beginners, young or old people using computers
              2. Disadvantages
                1. Requires a large amount of RAM to run smoothly
                  1. Requires a large amount of hard disk storage space for the files and graphic elements
              3. Command Line Intefaces
                1. Used for computer experts to complete tasks quickly
                  1. Examples
                    1. Windows command line interface
                      1. Mac OS X terminal application
                      2. Advantages
                        1. Disadvantages
                        2. Voice Interfaces
                          1. Examples
                            1. Siri
                              1. Sat Navs
                                1. Room Entry microphones
                                2. Voice interfaces allow users to interact with comuters with their vocies
                                  1. Advantages
                                    1. Quicker than typing
                                      1. 99% accurate
                                      2. Disadvantages
                                        1. Problems with local accents
                                          1. Takes time to learn your voice
                                        2. Touch Screen Interfaces
                                          1. Examples
                                            1. Smartphones e.g. iPhone
                                              1. Tablets e.g. iPad
                                                1. Museum information displays
                                                2. Disadvantages
                                                  1. Costly to purhcase
                                                    1. Expensive to replace if broken
                                                    2. Advantages
                                                      1. Natural interface
                                                        1. easy to learn and pick-up for all ages
                                                        2. Devices wich respond to human touches
                                                        3. Biometric Interfaces
                                                          1. Biometric devices allow interaction with things like retinal scans or fingerprints
                                                            1. Examples
                                                              1. Fingerprint scanners for room access
                                                                1. Retinal scanners for room entry (e.g. Government buildings)
                                                                2. Advantages
                                                                  1. Everyone has unique features
                                                                    1. Easy to use
                                                                    2. Disadvantages
                                                                      1. Very expensive to pruchase the hardware
                                                                        1. Can break and then be costly to fix
                                                                      2. Game Devices
                                                                        1. Hardware interfaces used with games
                                                                          1. Advantages
                                                                            1. Easy to access multiple commands and actions
                                                                              1. Useful for long periods of gaming. Ergonomically designed
                                                                              2. Disadvantages
                                                                                1. Expensive to purchase
                                                                                  1. Sometimes difficult to get used to (requires a long time to learn).
                                                                                  2. Examples
                                                                                    1. XBOX Controller
                                                                                      1. Joystick
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