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A-Levels History - Russia Mind Map on WW2, created by Gemma Bradford on 05/11/2013.

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1 Attacks
1.1 1941 Operation Barbarossa
1.1.1 Attack on Soviet Union
1.2 Operation Typhoon
1.2.1 Stalin rumoured to be in German hands
1.3 Operation Blue
1.3.1 Aim to capture Stalingrad
1.4 Battle of Stalingrad
1.4.1 Lasted six months
1.4.2 1.9 million people died
1.5 Operation Uranus
1.5.1 Germans driven from Stalingrad
2 Life expectancy of Russian soldier 24hrs
3 December 1943 2/3 German territory occupied
4 Red army soldiers raped/murdered Germans
5 Women made up majority of workforce
5.1 Working conditions poor
5.2 Machine work done by hand
5.3 Workers on rations
5.4 If workers were 20 minutes late - handed over to police
6 20 million Russians died
7 20 million Russians fled
8 85 million Russians under German control
9 Destruction of own industrial equipment
9.1 Prevent Germans having it
9.2 25% of pre war industrial equipment destroyed
10 German army burned crops, machinery, bridges and killed cattle
11 January 1942 Germans had control of 1/3 industry
12 1941 No electricity to general population
13 Government took 90% of collective farm produce
14 Why Russia won
14.1 Germany's weakness
14.1.1 British and Americans opened front against Germany in France
14.1.2 Alliance divided Hitler's attention
14.1.3 Air force focused on British
14.1.4 Economy lacked direction
14.1.5 Unable to produce armaments on Russia's scale
14.1.6 High living standards
14.1.7 Hitler too self confident
14.1.8 Unprepared
14.1.9 Overstretched army
14.1.10 Hitler thought his economy was 4years behind schedule
14.1.11 Goering's mistakes hindered war production
14.2 Stalin's tactics
14.2.1 Relocated industry to East
14.2.2 1942 56% of Russia's income devoted to war
14.2.3 1941-44 Armaments doubled
14.2.4 Stalin called people to defend motherland rather than socialism
14.2.5 Encouraged people to faith
14.2.6 Highly effective central planning
14.2.7 Red army received help from Americans Food supplies
14.2.8 Lend lease
14.2.9 Laying siege in Leningrad allowed Russia to regroup
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