October Revolution 1917

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A-Levels History - Russia Mind Map on October Revolution 1917, created by Gemma Bradford on 05/07/2013.

Gemma Bradford
Created by Gemma Bradford over 6 years ago
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October Revolution 1917
1 Causes
1.1 Provisional government
1.1.1 Failed to address discontent over food shortages
1.1.2 Poor support from peasantry
1.1.3 Put forward elections for new assembly encouraging Bolsheviks to takeover as they knew they would not win
1.1.4 arrested Kornilov increasing opposition
1.2 Lenin gained Bolsheviks 200000 more seats in April
1.3 Lenin brought up morale
1.4 Lenin persuaded central committee to takedown PG using Trotsky
1.5 20th April Petrograd demonstration against war and PG
2 8th September Bolshevik's take control of Petrograd soviet
3 7th October Lenin returns to Petrograd
4 10th October Bolshevik's decide to plan a revolution
5 24th October Petrograd soviet military revolutionary committee begins seizure of power
6 26th October Provisional government arrested
7 30th October Kerensky's forces defeated at Pulkovo
8 2nd November Bolshevik's in control of Moscow
9 Success
9.1 Spring 1917 Bolshevik's seem unlikely to overthrow government - low threat
9.2 Lenin's return increased support for Bolshevik's
9.3 Kornilov affair allowed them to be seen as defenders of the PG and strong
9.4 Korniolv affair gave the Bolshevik's weapons useful to launch uprising
9.5 Bolshevik's organised takeover efficently with Trotsky at head of military
9.6 PG had reduced authority by October 1917
10 Problems coming to power
10.1 War
10.2 Peasant seizure of land
10.3 Inflation
10.4 Poor support
10.5 State bank not funding new government

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