Extreme Weather & Rain

Ben Leader
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GCSE Geography Mind Map on Extreme Weather & Rain, created by Ben Leader on 05/11/2013.

Ben Leader
Created by Ben Leader over 6 years ago
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Extreme Weather & Rain
1 When rain comes over Britain, it usually comes the Asian area.
2 Down south it usually much wetter but also warmer, where as in the norther area, it is a lot colder and usually more rainfall happens a year.
3 Extreme weather is a rare phenomenon that often causes extreme disruption to transport and the general usual system.
4 Hurricanes
4.1 Hurricanes are extremely powerful long lasting super storms which can destroy countries and put them in massive debt.
4.2 They are formed over sea, when the building air pressure starts to circulate and the water vapour helps it to maintain power. As it travels over land it loses power and disperses.
4.3 They form around the USA area where the pressure is high and the seas are varying in temperature.
5 Responses
5.1 Particular areas are evacuated
5.2 Precautions took at home, eg boarding up windows, keeping doors shut etc.
5.3 Certain companies set up to depart as soon as the storm ends, to try and restore order and also to give out food and regain electricity power.
6 Effects
6.1 Disrupts whole countries, causes deaths and destroys electricity
6.2 Costs affected places a lot of money to restore.
7 Rain is caused by the evaporation of water, it then rises and begins to cool. Once it has cooled, it condeses to form clouds. This whole process is called presipitation.
8 Types of rain
8.1 Relief
8.1.1 Mountains, the clouds go up the mountain and condense, when they come back down, it begins to rain.
8.2 Convection
8.2.1 Sea and land, the water evaporates and creates rain.
8.3 Frontal
8.3.1 Warm air meets the cold air, this goes into the process of precipitation.

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