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shenaii matlock
Created by shenaii matlock over 5 years ago
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1 Pythagoras theom
1.1 Hypotenuse
1.1.1 A hypotenuse is the side opposite to the right angle and or the longest side
1.1.3 Examples
1.2 finding the shorter side
1.2.2 To find the shorter side you subtract rather than add them together
2 Percentages
2.1 Finance
2.2 Fractions and Decimals
2.3 %= 100
2.4 Adding Percentage
2.5 Sales example. 20% off
2.6 Volumes example. the glass is 50% full
2.7 How to get exams results in percentage
2.8 Profit and loss
3 Algebra
3.1 Adding and Subtracting
3.2 Multiplying
3.3 Dividing
3.4 Extention
3.5 Multiplying and dividing
4 Other Maths
4.1 Square root
4.1.1 Examples
4.1.2 There is other types of Square roots. For this question you would find out what number is timed by itself 3 times to get 64. Or you could divide with numbers till you get it this is a trial and era time. The answer is 4 For this one you would see what number is timed 4 times that equals 8. The simple answer is 2.
4.2 Order of Operrations
4.2.1 1. Brackets
4.2.2 2.Times and divide
4.2.3 3.adding and subtrating