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The fuedal system
1 Feudal system- the name given to the system of land ownership in the middle ages
2 Fief- an area of land which the king granted a lord, in return the lord promised to fight for the king
3 motte- a man made hill on which a castle was built
4 bailey- the courtyard of a medival castle
4.1 moat- a deep ditch dug around the walls of a castle
4.1.1 keep- a large square tower portcullis-an iron hate which could be lowered over the entrance of a castle during an attack turret- a small tower built on a castle wall barbican - a defensive gatehouse at the entrance of a castle Fosterage- a common practice in the middle ages whereby the children of the lord and lady of the castle were sent to other noble families to supervise their upbringing
5 Hawking- a form of haunting whereby birds of prey are trained to hunt for small animals
5.1 Manor- the land owned by a lord
5.1.1 dmense- the land retained by the lord for his own worse squire- the second stage of a knights training,squires accompanied fully trained kinight and learned to fight with real weapons page- the first stage of a knights training. young boys were taught manners and basic fighting skills Toournament- contest between knights jousting- a contest in which two knights on horseback charge at eachother with a lance in an attempt to unseat their opponent chivalry- a code of conduct for knights open field system- a system i which the land in the village was divided into three large fields and then divided into different strips, which were farmed by the serfs serf- a pesant who was not alloud to leave the village without the lords permission
6 Tithe- every year the serfs had to give one tenth of their crop to the parish preiest to pay for the upkeep of the church
7 potage- a vegetable stew
8 Charter- a list of rules for a medival town or city
9 toll- money that had to be paid in order to trade in a medival town
10 Curfew; once darkness came, townspeople had to extinguish all fires
10.1 Guild; an orginisation for craft workers which had strict rules for all its members
10.1.1 pillory- a medival form of punishment where an offendors hands and head were locked in a wooden frame Sanctuary- a place of refuge from the law whithin curch grounds cloister- a walled, enclosed area in a monastry where monks prayed Abbot- the monk in charge of the monastery Tonsure- the shaving of the crown of a monks head Chapter house- where monks held daily meetings Refectory- the dining room in a monastry Infirmarian- a monk that looked after the sick Almoner-a monk that looked after visitors and distributed food to the poor Black death- a mediival plague

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