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Europe's longest river; flows through Russia into the Caspian Sea Volga River
Europe's second longest river; main water route to South Central Europe Danube River
Backbone of the busiest inland system of waterways in the western part of Europe Rhine River
Leader of the Norman Vikings, who settled in North France, became a Christian, and adopted Frankish customs William the Conqueror
A forceful king that was later forced by his lords to agree to the Magna Carta King John
A book that kept track of people in England during the Middle Ages Domesday Book
The country were the Viking came from and left to conquer other parts of Europe; conquered Denmark, Norway, and Sweden Scandinavia
A period in Europe from 500 to 1500 A.D. The Middle Ages
A document that King John signed to limit royal power Magna Carta
Were King John agreed to sign the Magna Carta on June 15, 1215 Runnymede
A man who devotes his life to his religion Monk
A woman who devotes her life to his religion Nun
Places were monks studied, prayed, and lived in communities Monasteries
Places were nuns studied, prayed, and lived in communities Convent
People who teach a religion to people with different beliefs Missionaries
A king or queen who was the supreme ruler in Fuedalism Monarch
People who lived on the land and farmed it; after knights on the Class Pyrimid Serfs
Warriors trained and prepared to fight on horseback; after lords on Class Pyramid Knight
A system of were by the planting of crops on manor lands alternates between three fields Three- field Rotation
A common way from the 700s to the 1200s, that managed feudal lands by dividing it into four parts Manor System
King of the Franks (771 A.D.) later crowned emperor of former Roman Empire (800 A.D.) Charlemagne
A political, social, and economic system that began in the 800s used by the Europeans Feudalism
A group of people united by a common interest Guild
A woman of noble birth, was given little opportunity to make decisions about her own life and was directed by her husband or father Lady
A code of behavior which should be followed by a true knight Chivalry
The mountain range separating Europe from Asia; found in the east Ural Mountains
Part of the Great European Plain which covers most of Europe; southeast England North European Plain
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