Character Profile - Bob Cratchit


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Character Profile - Bob Cratchit
  1. Humble, hardworking and a family man.
    1. Bob Cratchit is Scrooge's clerk and works in unpleasant condition, with no complaint. He obeys Scrooge's rules and is timid about asking to go home to his family early on Christmas Eve.
      1. When the ghost of Christmas Present takes scrooge to visit the Cratchits on Christmas Day, he sees Bob carrying his sickly son Tiny TIm.
        1. The ghost of Christmas Yet To Come shows the Cratchits in a future where Tiny Tim has died and here we see how sensitive Bob Cractchit is. His love for his son is shown through grief.
          1. At the ned when Scrooge changes his ways, Bob is delighted. He welcomes Scrooge's new found generosity and friendship.
            1. Obedient
              1. Bob takes orders from Scrooges bad temper, without complaining.
                1. '[He} tried to warm himself at the candle'
                  1. His efforts to warm himself at the candle are pitiful. He would prefer to do this than challenge Scrooge.
                  2. Generous
                    1. He proposes a toast to Scrooge even on Christmas Day
                      1. 'I'll give you Mr Scrooge, the Founder Of The Feast'
                        1. Scrooge is too miserly to offer his clerk a decent wage, but Cratchit is generous enough to be grateful to his boss.
                        2. Sensitive
                          1. He cries when his son Tiny Tim is dead
                            1. 'My little, little child' cried Bob. 'My little child!'
                              1. The repetition of 'little' adds to the sad effect. We feel sympathy for him.
                              2. Fearful
                                1. He is afraid of Scrooge's reaction to when he arrives late to work on Christmas Day.
                                  1. 'It's only once a year, sir' Pleaded Bob, appearing from the Tank.
                                    1. Bob 'pleaded' which shows he is worried abut being punished.
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