Elizabeth Bennet

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Elizabeth Bennet
1 Her eyes are from which we see and judge most of what happens.
1.1 The story is mostly told from her point of view.
2 Mr.Bennet's favourite.
3 Less beautiful than her elder sister, Jane.
4 Her character changes, grows and develops in this novel.
5 She doesn't always follow social rules
5.1 She follows them enough so she is not bad- mannered.
5.1.1 She is polite to Mr.Collins and Darcy although she doesn't like them.
5.2 She ignores pointless parts of "decorum" if they stop her from doing something important.
5.2.1 She walks through Netherfield alone because she is too worried about Jane, to wait for the carriage
6 Miss Bingley believes that she is socially superior to Elizabeth, and she often insults her, however Elizabeth stays calm and polite.
6.1 Better manners.
7 Pride & Prejudice
7.1 She is "determined to hate" Darcy before she knows him well enough.
7.1.1 She ignores anyone who defends Darcy as she doesn't want to believe she is wrong about her opinion.
7.2 She immediately accepts Wickham's story about Darcy.
7.3 Her prejudice makes her blind to Darcy's good qualities and all of Wickham's suspicious behaviour.
7.4 Her early prejudice is caused by Darcy hurting her pride by refusing to dance with her at the first ball.
7.5 She believes that she is good at judging characters.
7.5.1 "I...have picked myself on my discernment" She sticks to her first opinion of Darcy and Wickham.
7.6 Her pride and prejudice have been a barrier with her relationship with Darcy.
7.6.1 She eventually sees that.
8 Personality
8.1 Mr.Bennet recognises her "quickness"
8.2 Mr.Darcy admires the "liveliness" of her mind.
8.3 Playful and lively, which was unusual at the time, because women were expected to be quiet and gentle.
8.4 Her character was used by Austen to express her views on what a woman SHOULD be like.
8.5 Clever, this is shown by, " Lizzy has something more of quickness than her sisters."
8.6 Playful, this is shown by, " she had a lively, playful disposition".
8.7 Opinionated: "you give your opinion very decidedly".
8.8 Her opinion is expressed playfully. She teases Darcy to "despise me if you dare"
8.9 She can be straightforward: she rejects Mr Collins' proposal by telling him " You could not make me happy".
9 The conversations she has with Darcy present her best features.
9.1 They emphasize her intelligence and wit.
9.2 Instead of insulting Darcy, she makes intelligent points about the flaws in his opinion.
9.2.1 Darcy talks about how Charlotte is living an "easy distance" from her family and Elizabeth says that distance is "relative"
9.3 She is playful and teases
9.3.1 Saying she's "convinced" that he "has no defect"
9.3.2 Her teasing never seems cruel. Bingley calls Darcy "awful", Elizabeth sees that he is "offended" and doesn't laugh.
9.4 Darcy's letter in Chapter 35
9.4.1 Shows elizabeth how prejudiced she's been.

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