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Key words, and their meanings, that are needed for the topic of Population, in Human Geography. AQA Exam Specification.

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Population Density Population density = total population ÷ total land area in km² Population Density is the average number of people per square kilometre.
Birth Rate The number of children born in 1 year, per every 100 people.
Death Rate The number of deaths per year, per 100 people.
Natural Increase Population growth, because the birth rate is higher than the death rate.
Population Growth Rate The average annual percentage change in the population. It can be affected by the birth/death rate, and migrants.
Demographic Transition Model (DTM) A graph showing a theory of how the population will change over time. Seeks to explain population increases and decreases through variations in the birth/death rates.
Population Pyramids A diagram showing the distribution of various age groups in a human population.
Sustainable Development Development strategies that do not compromise future generation's needs.
Young Dependents People who are too young to work, and thus depend on others.
Economically Active (Working Population) People who work, and have to support dependants.
Elderly Dependents People who are too old to work, and so depend on others.
Dependency Ratio The proportion of working to non-working people in a country: ((Young+Elderly Dependants) / (Economically Active)) x 100
Pro-Natalist Strategy A policy or strategy that encourage s people to have children.
Migration The movement of people.
Migrant Someone who moves from one place to another to live.
Source Country The country that migrants originate from/originally came from.
Host Country A country that the migrants now live in.
Economic Migrants People who leaves their source country, in order to find better economic opportunities.
Push Factors Negative qualities of a country that pushes migrants away from the country: e.g. war.
Pull Factors Positive qualities of a country that encourages migrants to the country: e.g. great job opportunities.
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