A Woman's Last Word by Robert Browning

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Created by louisamayhales over 5 years ago
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A Woman's Last Word by Robert Browning
1 Verse form
1.1 Alternating rhymes
1.1.1 ""See the creature stalking/While we speak!/Hush and hide the talking,
1.2 10 verses with 4 lines each.
1.3 6 syllables by 3 syllables
1.3.1 "Let's contend no more, love, strive nor weep:"
1.4 cyclical structure
1.4.1 use of same vocabulary at the beginning and end of the poem "All be as before, Love," and " And so fall asleep, Love,"
1.5 Lyric poem
1.6 Chronological
1.7 argumentative structure
2 Language devices
2.1 Symbolism
2.1.1 "Where the apple reddens" Red symbolises passion in their relationship.
2.2 Biblical reference
2.2.1 "Lest we lose our Edens,/ Eve and I." This uses a contrast with their relationship and shows what their relationship could turn out like. (Failure)
2.3 Metaphor of animals
2.3.1 "In debate, as birds are , Hawk on bough!" shows her lovers dominance in their relationship.
2.3.2 "See the creature stalking"
2.4 appeals
2.4.1 "Be a god and hold me with a charm!"
2.5 Rhetorical questions
2.5.1 "What so wild as words are?"
2.6 repetition on the word 'Love'
2.7 Imagery
2.7.1 "Laying flesh and spirit/In thy hands."
3 Punctuation devices
3.1 use of hyphens
3.1.1 ""(---)Only sleep"
4 Context
4.1 Persuasive poem
4.2 A women is arguing with her lover about her feelings. The man in the relationship doesn't want the women to be to overpowering in their relationship. The women finds it hard to grab hold of their relationship (Elusiveness) as words can make it harder and can cause more arguing/crying.

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