Biology - Living Things / Animal and Plant Cells

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Biology - Living Things / Animal and Plant Cells / Food
1 Biology - Living Things
1.1 Seven Characteristics of Living Things
1.1.1 Movement from place to place growing towards light opening/closing petals
1.1.2 Respiration release of energy from food
1.1.3 Sensitivity reaction to stimuli
1.1.4 Feeding making food eating
1.1.5 Excretion getting rid of wastes from the body
1.1.6 Reproduction
1.1.7 Growth
1.1.8 MRS. FERG
1.2 Animal Groups
1.2.1 Vertebrates No backbone
1.2.2 Invertebrates Fish Amphibians Reptiles Birds Mammals
1.3 Plants
1.3.1 fixed in one position
1.3.2 make their own food
2 Animal and Plant Cells
2.1 All cells have:
2.1.1 Cell membrane thin skin that holds cell together controls what can enter and leave the cell
2.1.2 Cytoplasm watery fluid in which other structures are suspended
2.1.3 Nucleus 'brain' of the cell controls cell's activities controls how cells divide to form new cells
2.1.4 Small Vacuoles used for temporary storage of food and waste
2.2 Plant cells also have:
2.2.1 chloroplasts contain chlorophyll
2.2.2 cell wall outside membrane gives cell support all plant cells have walls so whole plant wont collapse
2.2.3 Large Vacuole stores water, sugar and wastes sugar stored in form of starch
2.3 The Microscpe
2.3.1 eyepiece
2.3.2 stage
2.3.3 objective lens
2.3.4 focus knob
2.4 Cell Organisation
2.4.1 Cell type → Muscle cells Allow movement Red blood cells Carry Oxygen White blood cells Defend against disease Nerve Cells Carry messages
2.4.2 Function ↓
2.5 Tissues, Organs and Systems
2.5.1 a tissue is a group of similar cells with a special function
2.5.2 an organ is a group of different tissues that work together to carry out a special function
2.5.3 A system is a group of organs working together
2.6 Cell Division and Growth
2.6.1 Growth is due to cells dividing
3 Food
3.1 A balanced diet
3.1.1 contains the right amounts of each of the six different food types
3.2 Food Types
3.3 The Food Pyramid


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3.4 Food Tests
3.5 Food and Energy
3.5.1 The amount of energy needed by a person depends Age Gender Activity Levels Health

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