Cable Ties Ltd

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Cable Ties Ltd
1 Staff
1.1 Jackie
1.1.1 The office controler
1.1.2 Creates and edits the
1.2 Marcus
1.2.1 Cable Technician
1.2.2 Downloads, updates and reads the
1.3 Diary Management software
2 Policies
2.1 AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)
2.1.1 What it is: An AUP is a set of rules designed by a company that ensure it's employees are using devices, behaving and working with good conduct and are in line with the company.
2.1.2 Why it is needed: AUPs are needed to make sure there is no misconduct in a business. It stops devices being used incorrectly and increase Health and Safety around the workplace. AUPs can range from 'don't use company smartphones for personal use' to 'Don't swear around the workplace'.
2.2 DPA (Data Protection Act)
2.2.1 Why it is needed:
2.2.2 What it is:
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