The Iliad by Homer

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Characters and Places in Homer's The Iliad

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The Iliad by Homer
1 Gods
1.1 Cronus + Rhea
1.1.1 Zeus (zoos) + Hera King of Gods many gods and men Hepaestus (he-FEES-tus) God of Fire, The Master Craftsman, The Crippled God Sintians from Lemnos cared for him when thrown to earth by Zeus Athena (a-THEE-na) aka Pallas Athena Goddess of Wisdom, Handicrafts, War Protector of Achaeans
1.1.2 Zeus + Leto Apollo m (a-POL-oh) aka Phoebus Apollo Patron of Music and the Arts Ruler of Isle of Ténedos Protector of Trojans Artemis m Twin of Apollo
1.1.3 Hera (HEER-a) Queen of Gods Sister of Zeus Ares Protector of Achaeans
1.2 Nereus Old Man of the Sea
1.2.1 Thetis (THEE-tis) Sea Goddess married Mortal Peleus
2 Mortals
2.1 Peleus + Thetis(goddess) King of Phthia
2.1.1 Achilles m (a-KIL-eez) Comrade of Patroclus
2.2 Atreus m
2.2.1 Agamemnon (a-ga-MEM-non) + Clytemnéstra King of Mycenae Commander of Achaeans Ruler of Argos region
2.2.2 Meneleus (men-e-LAY-us) + Helen King of Lacedaemon
2.3 Chryses (krye-SEEZ) Priest of Apollo Trojan
2.3.1 Chryséïs f Captive of Agamemnon
2.4 Laomedon
2.4.1 Priam (PRYE-am) + Hecuba King of Troy Hector m (HEK-tor) + Andromache Commander of Trojans, Killed by Achilles Paris m Helenus f Deïphobus f many sons
2.5 Diomedes Ruler of Argos city
2.6 Thestor
2.6.1 Calchas (KAL-kas) Prophet
2.7 Laertes
2.7.1 Odysseus (oh-DIS-yoos) Commander of Ithacans
2.8 Oïleus
2.8.1 Ajax (AY-jaks) the Smaller Commander of Locrians
2.9 Telamon
2.9.1 Ajax (AY-jaks) the Tall A Principal Commander of Achaeans
2.10 Deucalion
2.10.1 Lord Idómeneus (eye-DOM-en-yoos) Commander of Cretans
2.11 Briseus Trojan
2.11.1 Briséïs f (brye-SEE-is) Captive awarded to Achilles for taking Lyrnessus
2.12 Neleus
2.12.1 Nestor (NES-tuhr) Commander of Pylos eldest Achaean commander Antilochus Thrasymedes
2.13 Períthoüs
2.14 Dryas
2.15 Polyphémus
2.15.1 Ancient heroes mentioned by Calchas
2.16 Cǽneus
2.17 Exádius
2.18 Menoetius
2.18.1 Patroclus (pa-TROK-lus) Commander of Myrmidons killed by Hector Myrmidons (MER-mi-donz) A Tribe in Thessaly
2.19 Talthýbius (tal-THI-bee-us)
2.19.1 Heralds of Agamemnon
2.20 Eurýbates
2.21 Ëétion King of Thebē Father of Andromache
3 Places
3.1 Real
3.1.1 Greece Achaea (a-KEE-uh) Mycenae city Lacedaemon region Pylos Argos city Danäan (DAN-ay-uhnz) alias for Achaeans Thesally region Northeastern Greece Phthia (FTHYE-a) region Mount Olympus (oh-LIM-pus) Home of Gods Argives (AR-gyvz) alias for Achaens Ithaca region Locris region Crete island Lemnos island Argos (AR-gos) can refer to all of mainland Greece
3.1.2 Turkey Troy city Ténedos island Cilla holy city Chrysē holy city Lyrnessus city Thebē city (sacred)
3.2 Mythical
3.2.1 Hades
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