Global Warming

Ben Leader
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GCSE Geography Mind Map on Global Warming, created by Ben Leader on 05/12/2013.

Ben Leader
Created by Ben Leader over 6 years ago
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Global Warming
1 Caused by greenhouse gases
1.1 Methane
1.1.1 Caused by animal waste breaking down, landfill sites etc.
1.1.2 More powerful than carbon dioxide but there is less of it in the air.
1.2 Carbon Dioxide
1.2.1 Adding to the most
1.2.2 Breathe out carbon dioxide, burning of fossil fuels
1.2.3 Plants breathe in oxygen and they are being cut down.
1.3 Water Vapour
1.3.1 Uncontrollable.
1.4 Nitrous Oxide
1.4.1 Not much in the air
1.4.2 Very powerful
1.5 Burning of fossil fuels produces a lot of these
2 Melting the ice caps, cause a rise in sea levels and will kill many innocent animals.
3 Cutting down on use of fossil fuels, using more renewable energy.
4 Saving more energy, light effcient bulbs

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