The problems of evil and suffering

Lara Coffin
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GCSE R.E Mind Map on The problems of evil and suffering, created by Lara Coffin on 05/12/2013.

Lara Coffin
Created by Lara Coffin over 6 years ago
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The problems of evil and suffering
1 The problem of suffering
1.1 It is a problem for theists because they believe God to be benevolent, omniscient and omnipotent
1.1.1 Key words Benevolent - all-loving Omniscient - all-knowing Omnipotent - all-powerful
1.2 Questions for believers
1.2.1 If he is all-loving, why does God let people suffer?
1.2.2 Knowledge has responsibility, why doesn't he stop suffering?
1.2.3 Why does God let innocent people suffer (e.g. children)
1.2.4 If God is all-powerful, why doesn't he stop suffering?
2 Reasons for suffering
2.1 Man-made suffering
2.1.1 Suffering caused as a result of peoples actions
2.1.2 Theft
2.1.3 Rape
2.1.4 Murder
2.1.5 People have free will they choose how to act
2.2 Natural suffering
2.2.1 Suffering caused by natural events
2.2.2 Earthquakes
2.2.3 Floods
2.2.4 Volcanoes
2.2.5 Why did God create a planet with natural disasters?
3 Does it have a purpose?
3.1 It makes us appreciate the things that we have
3.2 It can make you a better, stronger person
3.3 It is a test of faith
3.4 It could be punishment for sin
3.5 Could be part of God's plan
3.6 Pain tells you that something is wrong so that you can solve it
4 Evil
4.1 Are there evil actions or evil people?
4.2 An evil act is deliberate cruelty done with full knowledge that it is wrong
5 Religious explanations and responses to suffering
5.1 Buddhism
5.1.1 The three poisons (ignorance, greed and hatred) cause suffering
5.1.2 Follow the eightfold path to stop suffering
5.1.3 Believe in middle way, the balance between wealth and poverty
5.2 Christanity
5.2.1 God gave free will
5.2.2 Suffering is punishment for sin
5.2.3 Story of Adam and Eve shows the consequences of free will
5.2.4 'Love your neighbour as yourself'
5.3 Hinduism
5.3.1 The result of sinful actions in past lives
5.3.2 They practice devotion, self-control, knowledge and understanding
5.3.3 Is their duty to help those in need
5.4 Sikhism
5.4.1 Selfish behaviour causes suffering
5.4.2 People reap what they sow
5.4.3 The langar in the gurdwara serves two meals a day to any vistior
5.5 Islam
5.5.1 Allah gave Adam the world to look after
5.5.2 He gave humans free will, it is a test
5.5.3 They give a percentage of their earnings to those who suffer
5.6 Judaism
5.6.1 Adam and Eve brought suffering into the world by eating the forbidden fruit
5.6.2 Charity is a duty from God
6 Nature of evil
6.1 Impersonal force
6.1.1 Evil is an impersonal force that causes people to do wrong Like a magnet that draws people towards evil
6.2 Psychological phenominon
6.2.1 Evil comes from the human mind It could be affected by their upbringing
6.3 Personal being
6.3.1 The devil or Iblis is seen as someone who tricks people into doing evil
7 Problem of evil
7.1 Evil is a problem for theists because it causes suffering and leads back to the argument of why God would create a world with suffering and evil
7.2 God gave people free will
7.3 If God is all powerful, why can't he stop people from doing evil?
8 Religious explanations and responses to evil
8.1 Buddhism
8.1.1 Caused by people's selfish desires
8.1.2 They practice to avoid evil thoughts
8.1.3 It forbids; killing, stealing, lying, misusing the senses, and drugs and alchol
8.2 Christianity
8.2.1 Adam and Eve caused evil through disobedience
8.2.2 'Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us'
8.3 Judaism
8.3.1 God created everything, including evil
8.3.2 Satan represents people who stray from the path of righteousness and faith
8.3.3 Evil can be overcome by obedience to God
8.4 Hinduism
8.4.1 Evil is part of the samsara cycle
8.4.2 Rama and Sita tells the story of how good triumphs over evil
8.4.3 They meditate to gain control of their bodies and minds
8.5 Sikhism
8.5.1 God created humankind, humans are not evil by nature, just ignorant and self-centred
8.5.2 They practice selfless service and put God at the centre of their lives
8.6 Islam
8.6.1 Allah created a perfect world, Iblis ruined this world by tempting Adam and Hawa to disobey Allah
8.6.2 They live by the five pillars
8.6.3 The Qur'an teaches Muslims to stand up for what is right

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