Health and Safety

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Created by isabelleyearley over 5 years ago
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Health and Safety
1 Problems
1.1 Stress
1.1.1 Fixed by Well designed software Good Management Training
1.1.2 Caused by ICT problems Information overload Badly designed software Hard to learn Crashing Hard to use Loss of work Pace of work
1.2 Back ache
1.2.1 Caused by Slouching Sitting awkwardly
1.2.2 Fixed by Good posture Adjustable chair Aligned screen
1.3 RSI
1.3.1 Caused by Typing too fast Typing too much Repetitive small movements Awkward position
1.3.2 Fixed by Breaks Document holder Wrist rest Enough space Touch typing
1.4 Eyestrain
1.4.1 Caused by Glare Dirty Screens Badly designed software
1.4.2 Fixed by Regular eyetests Breaks Lower glare Matt screens Install blinds Well designed software
2 Regulations
2.1 Training
2.1.1 Use of software
2.1.2 Importance of keeping a clean screen
2.1.3 Adjust screen
2.1.4 Frequency of breaks
2.1.5 Health and safety
2.2 Chairs
2.2.1 Adjustable height If the person is too small they should be supplied with a foot stool
2.2.2 5 feet with castors
2.2.3 Adjustable backs Lower back support
2.3 Desks
2.3.1 Matt
2.3.2 Correct height 90 degrees elbow
2.3.3 Appropriate size For computer & papers
2.4 Screens
2.4.1 Brightness & contrast control
2.4.2 Tilt and swivel
2.4.3 No glare Matt
2.4.4 Right height
2.4.5 Right size For specific sofwares
2.4.6 Stable image No flickering
3 Law
3.1 'Health and safety at work act 1974'
3.1.1 HSWA
3.2 'Health and safety display screen equipment regulation 1992'
3.2.1 HSDSE

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