Fire Extinguishers Mind Map

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Extensive mind map on: Fire Extinguishers, Classes of Fire Fire Triangle

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Fire Extinguishers Mind Map
1 Classes of Fire
1.1 Class A:
1.1.1 Extinguisher type: WATER Label colour: RED Dry Powder can also be used on Class A fires
1.1.2 Uses: Wood, Paper, Textiles
1.2 Class B:
1.2.1 Extinguisher type: Dry Powder Label colour: BLUE Dry powder (ABC) can also be used on Class A & C fires
1.2.2 Uses: Flammable liquids
1.3 Class C:
1.3.1 Uses: Flammable Gases
1.3.2 Extinguisher type: Dry Powder Label colour: BLUE
1.4 Class D:
1.4.1 Uses: Flammable Metals Extinguisher type: L2 / M28 Dry Powder (specialised) Label colour: BLUE
1.5 Electrical Fires
1.5.1 Extinguisher type: CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Label colour: BLACK Also Halogenated Carbon fire extinguisher (discontinued) Label colour: GREEN
1.6 Class F:
1.6.1 Extinguisher type: Wet Chemical Label colour: YELLOW Uses: Cooking oils and fats
2 Fire Triangle:
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