The Coastal Zone

John Ditchburn
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GCSE and A Level AQA A GCSE Physical Paper 1 (7 The Coastal Zone) Mind Map on The Coastal Zone, created by John Ditchburn on 05/10/2014.

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John Ditchburn
Created by John Ditchburn over 5 years ago
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The Coastal Zone
1 Physical Processes Shaping the Coast
1.1 Waves
1.1.1 Constructive Swash>Backwash
1.1.2 Destructive Backwash>Swash
1.2 Weathering
1.2.1 Breakdown of landscape.
1.2.2 Physical Freeze-thaw
1.3 Mass Movement
1.3.1 Rockfall
1.3.2 Landslide
1.3.3 Mudflow
1.3.4 Rotational slip
1.4 Marine (sea) Processes
1.4.1 Coastal erosion Hydraulic action Corrasion Abrasion Solution Attrition
1.4.2 Transportation Traction Saltation Suspension Solution Longshore Drift Direction of waves Direction of backwash
1.4.3 Deposition
2 Distinctive Landforms at the Coast
2.1 Erosion
2.1.1 Headlands and Bays
2.1.2 Cliffs and wave-cut platforms
2.1.3 Caves, arches, stacks
2.1.4 Case Study Coastal erosion along the Holderness Coast Flamborough Head Arches, Stacks, Stumps, Wave-cut platform
2.2 Deposition
2.2.1 Beaches
2.2.2 Spits
2.2.3 Bars
2.2.4 Case Study Spurn Head Spit, Holderness
3 Weathering, Mass Movement and Cliff Collapse
3.1 Case Study
3.1.1 Barton-on-Sea Cliffs = weak sands and clays Water builds up in the cliffs Rotational Slumping occurs
3.1.2 Effects
4 Managing the Coast
4.1 Shoreline management plans
4.1.1 Developed for each part of the coast
4.1.2 Decision whether to Hold the line (defend Coast) Do nothing Managed retreat
4.2 Hard engineering
4.2.1 Sea wall
4.2.2 Groynes
4.2.3 Rock armour
4.3 Soft engineering
4.3.1 Beach nourishment
4.3.2 Dune regeneration
4.3.3 Marsh creation
5 Case Study
5.1 Coastal Management on the Holderness Coast
5.1.1 Bridlington Resort Hold the line Sea wall Groynes
5.1.2 Mappleton Hold the line Large rock groyne Sediment built up Coast road
5.1.3 Great Cowden Farm Low value farmland Do nothing
5.1.4 Easington Gas Terminal Valuable Hold the line Rock armour Revetments
6 Effects of Rising Sea Level
6.1 Causes
6.1.1 Global warming
6.2 3mm per year
6.3 Case studies
6.3.1 East Coast and Thames Estuary Risk of London flooding Thames Barrier Essex - low-lying marshes
6.3.2 Maldives Low-lying islands Loss of fresh water Loss of tourism
7 Habitats of Coastal Environments
7.1 Case study
7.1.1 Studland nature reserve Unique sand dune ecosystem Rare birds (nightjar), insects & wildflowers e.g. marsh gentian Vulnerable Large number visitors Litter Parking Fire - cigarettes Solutions Marram grass (dunes) Limit car park spaces Board walks Information boards

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