What does Ergonomic mean?

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What does Ergonomic mean?
1 Design intended to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury.
1.1 Ergonomics is NOT limited to the workplace environment. Many objects used in the home and everyday life are designed to be "ergonomic".
1.1.1 The motor vehicle industry uses ergonomics to design more comfortable seats in cars, more appropriate placement of gear shifts, control knobs.
1.1.2 Example's of Ergonomic Product Office Chairs Document Holder Pointing Devices (Mouse Devices, Trackballs, Glidepads) Wrist Rests / Forearm Supports Keyboard/Mouse Platforms Computer Tables Workstations Telephone Accessories Slantboards and Booklifts Monitor Blocks Mouse Deck Anti-Glare Computer Screen Anti-Glare Lighting Attachable Back Support for Chairs Footrests
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