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Design Argument
1 Design qua purpose
1.1 Analogy of the Pocketwatch
1.1.1 Know Pocketwatch was designed due to complexity and mechanical fucntion Nature is similar Photosynthesis, eye Must be designed - God
1.1.2 Paley
1.2 Analogy of the Archer
1.2.1 Aquinas 5th Way
1.2.2 Arrow requires archer to guide it Inanimate objects cannot direct themselves Seeds, planets etc Must be directed - God
1.3 Anthropic Principle
1.3.1 Tennant
1.3.2 Evidence of universe supporting complex life Ozone layer Arthur Brown World was designed to support life - God
2 Design qua regularity
2.1 Aesthetic Principle
2.1.1 Tennant
2.1.2 Evolution cannot explain concept of beauty Must be desinged by loving God
2.2 Fine-tuning Argument
2.2.1 Swinburne
2.2.2 Universe is finely tuned to support life Laws of Physics Scinece cannot explain why these things exist Only that they do Too many conicidences for it to be chance Designed by God
2.3 Laws of nature
2.3.1 Paley
2.3.2 Planetary alignment and Laws of Physics Shows evidence of intelligent designer Pattern shows there must be a designer - God
3 Criticisms
3.1 Darwin
3.1.1 Theory of Evolution
3.1.2 Apparent design comes from millions of years of evolution We're adapted to the world - world is'nt adapted for us
3.2 Dawkins
3.2.1 Evolution creates "illusion of design" Concept of beauty comes from cultural inheritance Memes
3.3 Kant
3.3.1 Argument is based on experiance No experiance of creation Cannot claim it was created by God
3.4 Mill
3.4.1 Natural evil exist Either God does not exist or Or he is not Omni-benevolant/Omni-potent
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