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1 Aim
1.1 What the researcher is trying to find out
2 Hypotheses
2.1 Experimental hypothesis
2.1.1 The manipulation of IV will change DV significatnly
2.2 Null hypothesis
2.2.1 The manipulation of IV wont change DV other factors will if any change
2.3 Directional hypothesis
2.3.1 Predicts the direction of results
2.4 Non directional hypothesis
2.4.1 Some change but not sure which way
3 Pilot studies
3.1 Practise investigation
3.1.1 Allows procedural improvements Improve overall quality of investigation Avoids time and effort being wasted
4 Demand characteristics
4.1 Influence and bias results so not valid
4.2 stuff you effect
4.2.1 Try to give desired results act unnaturally out of nervousness Social desirability bias
5 Operationalising the variables
5.1 Putting variables in a situation where they can be easily/accurately measured

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