Northern Ireland

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Mind Map on Northern Ireland, created by Chloie Galdo on 05/12/2014.

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Chloie Galdo
Created by Chloie Galdo over 5 years ago
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1 causes
1.1 Divided loyalties
1.1.1 Protestants doesn't want to be reunited with Republic of Ireland they fear that the catholic government may not be tolerant to their beliefs
1.1.2 Catholics want to be reunited with Republic of Ireland
1.1.3 makes catholics and protestants intolerant of each other
1.2 Unequal allocation of housing
1.2.1 Catholics were 'deprived' from getting their own house. However, Protestants were given more houses than the Catholics. This was unfair for the Catholics because they had to wait for many years to own a house made Catholics frustrated with the shortage of housing The government have taken measures to improve housing to reduce dissatisfaction among the catholics.
1.3 Unequal employment oppurtunities
1.3.1 Catholics find it hard to find jobs because they were given to Protestant jobs were given based on religion especially government jobs
1.4 Lack of voting rights
1.4.1 ONLY those who owned a house and a business is entitled to vote 2 votes/household This was unfair for the poorer catholics as richer protestants that owned bigger companies ended up with more votes majority of votes came from protestants
1.5 lack of opportunities for social interaction
1.5.1 Fully funded public schools (for protestants ONLY) British history play british sports rugby, hockey & cricket
1.5.2 Private schools (for catholics ONLY) - partly funded by government Irish history Taught irish language and culture play Irish sports hurling
2 Consequence
2.1 Social segregetion
2.1.1 Catholics and the Protestants are segregated due to the atmosphere of tension and violence
2.1.2 It is seldom for young children in Northern Ireland to meet someone from the other community.
2.1.3 leading to lack of understanding between the two groups
2.2 Declining economy
2.2.1 the conflict discouraged domestic and foreign investors from investing in the country hence, affecting Northern Ireland's economy
2.3 Political platform
2.3.1 civil rights out pressure on Northern Ireland to pass anti-discrimination measures Northern Ireland announced getting rid of reforms(or ineffective system/institutions) in local government in Northern Ireland

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