Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland
1 Terrence O'Neill
1.1 Became PM in 1963
1.1.1 Not a popular choice among his own party the OUP, who wanted Brian Faulkner to become leader
1.2 Economic Policies
1.2.1 Investment of £900 million in the economy
1.2.2 Modernisation of railway systems and new motorways
1.2.3 Co-operation with the Dublin-based Irish Trades Union Congress
1.2.4 Economic Council under Brian Faulkner
1.2.5 Ministry of Development (including transport and local government) in January 1965 to drive economic revival
1.2.6 New city between Lugan and Portadown, Craigavon
1.2.7 New university in Coleriane (caused controversy)
1.2.8 Successes A number of multinational firms opened Michelin, Dupont, Goodyear,etc. Construction of motorway system begun Oil refinery opened in Belfast New airport under development Agreement signed for supply of electricty from the South 35,000 new jobs Failures 1963-1969- finacial assistance given to Harland and Wolff to keep it afloat Unemployment averaged between 7% and 8% Companies refused grants to open factories west side of the Bann, remote areas not big enough for export markets Unemployment in the west was 12.5% Traditional industries reclining rope making, linen, shipbuilding 20,000 jobs lost
1.2.9 Political Policies On 14 January 1965 O'Neill met with Taoiseach Sean Lemass- the first face-to-face meeting since 1925. Visited William Conway, Archbishop of Armagh Offered offical condolences on the death of Pope John XXII in June 1963 Visited Catholic schools and hospitals and increased finacial support Unionist reactions Declared UVF illegal after it killed two Catholics in 1966 Introduced Five Point Reform Programme in 1968, Catholic civil rights Electricity, Tourism and Trade links with ROI Improve relations between both states, as Nationalists identified with the ROI
1.3 Promised to introduce 'bold and imaginative measures'
1.4 Believed the 'face of Ulster' had to change for N.I to prosper
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