wireless methods used to transfer data

Jordan Lench
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GSCE GCSE ICT Mind Map on wireless methods used to transfer data, created by Jordan Lench on 05/13/2013.

Jordan Lench
Created by Jordan Lench over 6 years ago
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wireless methods used to transfer data
1 Bluetooth
1.1 Disadvantages
1.1.1 Easy to hack
1.1.2 Security
1.2 Advantages
1.2.1 Can teach a distance of up to 100m
1.2.2 Simple to use
1.2.3 The chances of other wireless networks interfering with yours are very low
2 USB stick
2.1 Disadvantages
2.1.1 some drives can carry up to 128 GB of memory, this is not enough for some people needing to carry around large amounts of data
2.1.2 Even a small electrical charge can cause the loss of data on a flash drive
2.2 Advantages
2.2.1 small size
2.2.2 powered directly through a computer’s USB port eliminating the need for an external power source
3 memory card
3.1 Advantages
3.1.1 Contains alot of memory
3.2 Disadvantges
4 email
4.1 advantages
4.1.1 Can contact a group of people at once
4.1.2 Can attach large documents and other files
4.2 Disadvantages
4.2.1 must have access to the internet
4.2.2 Can provide an easy way to spread viruses to computers
5 the cloud
5.1 Disadvantages
5.1.1 the user must have access to the internet
5.1.2 Technical issues
5.1.3 prone to attack
5.2 Advantages
5.2.1 Cost efficient
5.2.2 almost unlimited storage
5.2.3 Backup and Recovery
6 Wifi

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