Great Expectations: Context


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Gabriella Brittain
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Great Expectations: Context
  1. Social: Women and Children
    1. Child Labour and Poverty
      1. Inheritance
        1. Education
          1. Patriarchy
            1. Marriage
            2. Social: Class
              1. Etiquette/Manners
                1. Social Mobility
                  1. Typically, the more wealth = the more pretentious
                  2. Gentlemen
                    1. Gentleman vs Gentle man
                      1. Wealth and status vs dutiful and gentle behaviour
                    2. Education
                    3. Literary Contexts
                      1. Bildungsroman
                        1. Growing Up
                        2. C19th novel
                          1. Romantic
                            1. Pip/Estella, Biddy/Joe, Herbert/Clara
                            2. Social-Purpose
                              1. Idea of being a gentleman
                            3. Gothic
                              1. An atmosphere of mystery and horror
                                1. Opens in a misty graveyard
                                  1. Satis House
                              2. Biographical: Dickens
                                1. Father imprisoned for debt
                                  1. Magwitch
                                  2. Fell in love with Maria Beadnell, but rejected
                                    1. Estella cruelly rejects Pip
                                    2. Other Key Events
                                      1. Fell in love with actress of 18 years at 45
                                        1. Biddy/Joe
                                        2. Made to work in factories by mother
                                          1. Mrs Joe and Miss H (mother figures) treat him badly
                                      2. Social/Historical: Crime and Punishment
                                        1. Police
                                          1. Prisons
                                            1. Early C19th
                                              1. Disorder
                                                1. Overcrowding
                                                  1. Hulks and transportation
                                                  2. Mid C19th
                                                    1. Prison reform (separate system)
                                                  3. Crime Levels
                                                    1. The legal profession
                                                      1. Jaggers
                                                        1. Hand washing
                                                    2. Socio-economic: Industrial Revolution
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