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1 Basic facts
1.1 Birth rate: 29
1.2 Death rate: 14
1.3 People per doctor: 7576
1.4 Energy consumed: 0.13
1.5 Life expectancy: 47
2 Physical Conditions and population
2.1 North east. very little rain. poor water supply. little vegetation or crops grow. low pop. density
2.2 South East. more rain, better water supply, temperatures and humidity are high. medium pop. density
2.3 West. Highland, more rain than NE but water supply is still a problem. Good soils from volcanic rocks. med-small pop. density
2.4 South. Highland, more rain, and better water supply, volcanic soils are ideal for growing crops, low temperatures. high pop. density
3 Maasai
3.1 Push factors: cities provide better houses, jobs and wellbeing
3.2 Problems caused by immigration to cities: Population decrease, no workers or farmers
3.3 The Maasai are a tribe of people from areas in Tanzania and Kenya. They live a nomadic lifestyle and can be recognised by a red cloth or Shuka
3.4 Tourism is becoming more and more important in the Maasai way of life because growing crops and animals is not making enough money.

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