mockingbird minor characters

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mockingbird minor characters
1 Tom Robinson
1.1 Important to the theme of the book
1.1.1 Gets done of rape that he hasn't committed only tries to help people
1.2 The theme of prejudice is shown towards Tom
2 Miss Maudie Alkinson
2.1 House gets burnt down but she's not bothered
2.2 Big important to scout
2.3 She disapproves of the neighbour hood gossip
3 Dill
3.1 Smaller than scout but the same age
3.2 He is best friends with Scout and Jem
3.3 He is from Meridian Mississippi
3.4 Has a very caring nature
3.5 Miss Rachel is his auntie
4 Calpurina
4.1 She is Atticus's black maid
4.2 She cooks, cleans, help Atticus and helps take care of the children's education and morals
4.3 She has worked for the Finch's for years and plays a mother role to the children
5 Aunt Alexandra
5.1 Old person who is uncle jack's sister
5.2 She wants Scout to be like a girl
5.3 Has traditional views on black people so she want to fire Calpurnia
5.4 She wants the children to have good manners
5.5 Racist
6 Boo Radley
6.1 Fixes Jem's trouses
6.2 Watches out for Scout and Jem
6.3 Rescues Jem from Bob Ewell
6.4 Very secretive

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