Elements of the Novel

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7th Grade book project

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Elements of the Novel
1 Main conflict
1.1 Problem: Girl with Asberger's
1.2 Cause: School Shooting
2 Characters
2.1 Catlin
2.1.1 percistant
2.1.2 kind
2.2 Michael
2.2.1 nice
2.2.2 a good friend
2.3 Josh
2.3.1 bossy
2.3.2 mean
3 Theme
3.1 Message: Don't judge a person
3.2 How brought out: People were always judged in the story until one person changed that.
4 Setting
4.1 Time: Modern
4.2 Place: Virginia
5 Mockingbird by: Katheryn Erskine
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