Design Technology

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Mind Map on Design Technology, created by Mukarram kamran on 05/14/2014.

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Mukarram kamran
Created by Mukarram kamran over 5 years ago
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Design Technology
1 Textiles
1.1 Fibres
1.1.1 3 stages of processing fibres SPINNING: Fibres are spun into yarn WEAVING OR KNITTING: Yarns become fabrics FINISHING: Fabrics are finished to make them more useful
1.1.2 Types of fibres Synthetic fibres Nylon Acrylic Polyester Viscose Natural fibres Cotton Linen Wool Silk
2 Furniture
2.1 Tools & machines
2.1.1 file
2.1.2 Line bender
2.1.3 Pillar drill
2.2 Designers
2.3 Anthropometrics & ergonomics
3 Structures
3.1 Forces
3.1.1 Static: The object stays still
3.1.2 Dynamic: The object moves all around the place
3.1.3 different types of forces Tension: The object is pulled from both sides. ex. tug of war Torsion: the object twists on it self Bending: the object bends inwards or outwards Shear: The force comes from above and below, they rub against each other. ex. scissors Compression: forces are applied from the left and right squeezing the object, ex. springs
3.2 Shell structures
3.2.1 Man-made Cans Cups
3.2.2 Natural Animals with Exoskeletons: crabs Eggs Skull
3.3 Frame structures
3.3.1 natural leaf skeleton spider web
3.3.2 Man-made Pylons suspension bridge House
3.3.3 What helps a house stand up