Victorian Literature

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Victorian Literature: Key Areas
Victorian Literature
1 Industry
1.1 A Doll's House - Mrs Linde has to work to provide for her family but is removed from work
1.2 Hard Times - set in Coketown, a town built due to expansion from industry, it is a dirty, filthy town; 'would have been red if the smoke and ashes had allowed it' - 'like the painted face of a savage'
1.3 The Golden Year - walks through an abandoned quarry, which shows the era has moved on from these old ways of production
2 Empire
2.1 Ode to the Duke of Wellington/Charge of the Light Brigade - patriarchal, written for honour, common in the time of the empire
2.2 Cecil Rhodes - patriarchal, believes it is God's will for Britain to take over and make the world a better place
2.3 Mrs Warren's Profession - shows the developments due to the empire, Mrs Warren has connections across Europe and runs them from Britain
3 Women
3.1 The Princess - women's role in society, not approved, secludes herself from 'evil' of men and they encourage her to 'come down o' maid'
3.2 Wuthering Heights & Great Expectations - Catherine & Miss Havisham are both wild, socially unacceptable women ('I am Heathcliff!'), and they eventually meet a grisly end, showing the social disapproval of women like them
3.3 A Doll's House - Nora is repressed by her husband Torvald, and throughout the play slowly builds up the courage to leave him before 'Nora leaves. The sound of the door shutting downstairs is heard.' Outward view, disliked by critics and meant the play was suspended from view
3.4 Mrs Warren's Profession - Despite being the owner of the brothel aesthetically, Mrs Warren is controlled and manipulated by her partners
3.5 My Last Duchess - he views his wife as an item, shows the upper class' treatment of their wives
4 Urban Poverty
4.1 Great Expectations - Pip views urban poverty as he walks through London but ignores it in his new role as a gentleman, whereas rural Joe is scared by London and reluctant to visit Pip
4.2 Dipsychus - upper class looking down at the urban poor - 'how good it is to have money, hey ho, how good it is to have money!'
4.3 The Cry of the Children - comments on the barbaric treatment of children in the era, is an overall comment on society as well
5 Society
5.1 Diary of A Nobody - satirical comment on the middle class, showing their ways as inconsequential and pointless; episodic structure, in form of fake diary entries
5.2 Pygmalion - Eliza Doolittle is a common working class girl manipulated by two upper class men for fun
5.3 The Golden Year - two sides of society, optimists and pessimists, the future is deep in question during the era
6 Culture
7 Relegion
7.1 Up-Hill - complete belief in God, talking about the struggles of life but rewards of the afterlife 'beds for all who come' although 'the road wind(s) up hill all the way'
7.2 Dover Beach - doubting faith, compares faith to the tide going out suggesting it is a thing of the past
8 Science

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