How to Avoid Accidents Involving a Computer

Laura Mitchell
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Laura Mitchell
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GCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on How to Avoid Accidents Involving a Computer, created by Laura Mitchell on 05/14/2013.

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How to Avoid Accidents Involving a Computer
1 Keep drinks far away from your laptop. Liquid spill related accidents are by and far the most common form of accident.
2 Never leave your laptop in an automobile, even for a few minutes. This will help to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of theft or damages caused by extreme temperature conditions.
3 Keep desk lamps at a safe distance from your laptop.
4 Route cords such as the power and network cables neatly and out of traffic areas. We have had many cases where laptops are pulled from the desktop due to someone tripping over the cords.
5 Carry the laptop only in a carry case that was designed for the task.
6 When you are not actively using your laptop, turn it off, put it in the carry case and store it away out of plain view.
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